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What is Adrenaline?

Welcome to Adrenaline Laser Tag! We give you the best in laser tag combat. Period. Find out more here!

Exclusive Scenarios!

Check out our wide array of intense, exciting and never before seen scenarios! There’s always something for everyone!

Why Adrenaline Laser Tag?

Laser Tag in Singapore is a thrilling, intense and realistic simulated combat experience. This is done by using life sized infra red rifles that can shoot and “tag” other players over large distances. The whole modern combat experience is thus created without all the pain and mess.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with all the technical details. What you really need to know is this: Laser Tag is extremely fun. If you’re looking for a novel, gripping and exhilarating experience then look no further. Heard of the game Counter Strike? This is Counter Strike in real life. On steroids.

And here at Adrenaline Laser Tag, we aim to give you the best experience in laser tag combat. Period.

Our Games are:

   – Novel, unique and never before seen!
   – Intensely immersive, Fun and Thrilling!
   – 100% Safe and Mess Free!
   – Trains Your Mind and Body: Great Mental and Physical Work Out!
   – Effective Leadership Training & Team Building Opportunities!


Our Exclusive Scenarios

Standard Shootout

$33/Pax,  Min 10 Pax

Sniper Shootout

$35/Pax,  Min 10 Pax

$35/Pax,  Min 10 Pax

$35/Pax,  Min 10 Pax

With Adrenaline… There’s Always Something for Everyone!

  • Intense Fun Shootouts!

    Tired of the usual movie outing? Laser Tag is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. The experience is guaranteed to draw you guys closer and forge cherished memories.

  • Novel Birthday Parties!

    Got a birthday coming? Laser Tag is also an awesome and exciting way to celebrate! Many people have already gotten a great laser tag birthday experience, its time you got yours too.

  • Corporate Team Building!

    Laser Tag is great for organisations looking for a fresh team building, de-stressing or communication training experience. There is nothing like a good laser tag game to build up relations within any group.

  • Schools & Students!

    Laser Tag is an extremely potent way to strengthen and build leadership qualities among students. Students get to learn important life skills like strategic planning, communication and decision making.

  • Carnivals & Fund Raising!

    Laser Tag is a blast at carnivals and statistics show that it’s often one of the highest earning stations! So, if you’re fund raising, laser tag is a sure way of generating maximum revenue!

  • Camps, Retreats & Family Days

    Laser Tag is also a great recreational and bonding activity for camps, retreats and family days where people of all ages can play fuss free together.

Our Updates

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How Laser Tag Can Help Your Office Bond!

You’re in the office. It’s almost time to go home. The daunting pile of papers that once sat on your desk this morning is almost gone. You finally remember what colour your desk is. With a last push, you finish your work and sit back in your chair. You made it...
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How To Play Laser Tag Like a Pro!

So you want to play laser tag like a pro. You’ve played a few games and you’re looking for advice on how to up your game. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that...
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Laser Tag and Team Building

Team building. I love that term. It’s where a group of people engage in an activity which improves the relations between members and their ability to work together. Team building is important if you want a group of people to be able to work well and effectively together...
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Laser Tag Strategy 101

Laser Tag is a team game. When it comes to winning, how well a team works together and coordinate themselves trumps individual skill. A team full of lone wolves will die as lone wolves. A team full of ‘team players’ will, more of than not, win as a team...
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You're Never Too Old For Laser Tag!

I’m sure many of you recall your parents telling you you’re too young to do this or that. They say ‘You’re too young to be dating!’ or ‘You’re too young to be drinking!’ or ‘You’re too young to be wearing diapers!’ Wait, forget that last example...
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The Origin and History of Laser Tag!

You know I’ve always wondered how things began. Everything that you see here today had a beginning sometime, somewhere. Every super hero has an origin story. Batman became batman because his parents got shot. Superman became superman because, well, he’s an...
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Top Ten Reasons to Play Laser Tag!

Some of you may be wondering why play laser tag at all. What’s the point? There are so many other forms of entertainment out there why laser tag? Fair question, and to answer that I’ve come up with the top ten reasons why you should play laser tag. Read on to find out...
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Welcome to Adrenaline Laser Tag!

Well, it’s been a fairly interesting past few months setting up Adrenaline. The guns are in. Most of the site is up and we’ve already had our first few events. We’ve learnt a lot during this time and although it wasn’t a smooth journey altogether, I can safely say we’ve come through a lot wiser...

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