How Laser Tag Can Help Your Office Bond!

You’re in the office. It’s almost time to go home. The daunting pile of papers that once sat on your desk this morning is almost gone. You finally remember what colour your desk is. With a last push, you finish your work and sit back in your chair. You made it. However, the daily stresses of an office job leave you feeling physically and mentally drained. Hey, spending hours at a desk and getting along with your co-workers isn’t easy. Don’t you sometimes wish you could shoot rubber bands at the back of the head of a certain co-worker without getting into trouble or making them angry? Well, I have good news for you! With laser tag, not only will you not get into trouble for shooting your co-worker, you get to do so with guns. AND THEY LOVE IT! Strange, I know. In fact, you will start to feel strangely bonded with your office mates when you play laser tag. Let me explain.

Playing laser tag well requires teamwork and cooperation. Sure, you require teamwork and cooperation in the office too. But in laser tag, you require team work and cooperation almost every second. It’s not merely discussing things with your co-workers then going back to your cubicle to do your assigned task. Laser tag requires constant communication. For example, in one of our laser tag games, you have to protect a VIP. If he dies, you lose the game. However, the VIP has the ability to heal dead teammates. This requires your team to constantly work together to protect the VIP while making sure he manages to heal people. This of course, is no easy feat and requires constant teamwork and cooperation among team members. Failing to do so could mean the death of your VIP. Bonds will be formed and strengthened as your office works together to achieve a common goal.

Playing laser tag is great exercise. You will sweat, unless you’re playing in an air-conditioned room. People who exercise together feel more bonded to each other. It’s like in the army. Recruits feel a greater sense of camaraderie and brotherhood as they go through physical (and mental) hardship together. Don’t worry, you won’t experience mental hardship playing laser tag (; You will be running a lot though, but the best part is you’ll be too busy having fun and trying to avoid getting shot you won’t notice how much exercise you’re actually doing! At the end of your session with us, your office will be more bonded as they would be too tired to bear any grudges against each other.

So put away that pen or computer keyboard for a day and come play Adrenaline Laser Tag! You know how they say “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This means writing is more powerful in influencing people than violence. However, we at Adrenaline Laser Tag believe “The laser tag gun is mightier than the pen.” because it gets people bonded and connected faster than any pen can write. What was once an annoying co-worker is now your brother in arms. He was your teammate who fought and died valiantly by your side. Besides, when he was on the other team, you shot him thousands of times.

Having worked and exercised together as a team, your office will feel more bonded. You won’t feel the urge to shoot rubber bands (at least for a while) at your office mates. It will leave you feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on another day at the office. So what are you waiting for? Gather your office and trade in your pens for guns for a day of awesome fun with us at Adrenaline Laser Tag!

How To Play Laser Tag Like a Pro!

So you want to play laser tag like a pro. You’ve played a few games and you’re looking for advice on how to up your game. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that!

Shoot Properly

This sounds pretty obvious but it’s worth mentioning. Aim using the ‘iron sight’ on the gun, making sure the gun is properly trained. Shooting in the general direction of your opponent can work for short distances, but over a longer distance, your accuracy will reduce drastically.

Make Use of Cover

Maximising the use of cover around you is essential in reducing your chances of getting shot. Always run from cover to cover and do so as if your life depended on it.

Have a Team Plan

Playing as a team is always more effective than when everyone is doing their own thing. Make sure everyone in your team is clear of what they need to do. Agree on who will cover different sections of the arena. This will ensure that whenever someone dies and respawns, he’ll return to the same section so that place is always covered. Otherwise, people may start clustering at a certain place which is not good. However, be flexible and adaptive to how the situation changes.

Speed and Aggression

What do I mean by speed and aggression? Does it mean charging at your opponent and hitting him very hard and quickly with your riffle? Well most certainly not! Thankfully. (Or perhaps for some of you, sadly) It simply means being quick with all your movements and aggressive (not reckless) when playing.

Since a standard game is 6 minutes long, logically, the team that can discharge the most bullets most accurately will win. Simple isn’t it? How do we do that? By being quick and aggressive without being reckless. Simply put, it’s getting the ‘most bang for your time.’ (No pun intended). So for example, if you see an opponent sticking his head out for even a second, you’re going to shoot and try to hit him. Whenever an opponent breaks from cover, you’re going to shoot and try and reduce his health. Your team isn’t going to sit around passively waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. You’re constantly and actively looking for moments when you can outshoot the other team even if it’s just by a single shot.

Of course, this must be balanced with a level head and not dashing out and shooting recklessly. If you can be speedy and aggressive while shooting properly, maximising cover and having a great team plan, you’d truly be playing laser tag like a pro!

Laser Tag and Team Building

Team building. I love that term. It’s where a group of people engage in an activity which improves the relations between members and their ability to work together. Team building is important if you want a group of people to be able to work well and effectively together. It creates a situation where people work towards a common goal and learn to give and take. What comes to mind when you think of team building? Carrying logs? Tug of war? Charades? These are great team building activities but they either require participants to be physically fit or involve no physical activity at all. Laser Tag involves mild physical activity and is good for a wide age range from children as young as 4 or 5 to adults in their 60s.

Laser Tag is great exercise without being too physically demanding. This makes it great for team building for a wide age range or even if you’re not in excellent physical shape.  When playing laser tag, you’re constantly communicating with your team; devising plan of attack, indicating where enemies are hiding and so on. This requires cooperation of all members which is what makes a team stronger.

This is especially true in one of our game modes, called the ‘master chief’ mode. In this game mode, one member of each team is the ‘master chief’ or medic. He has two special abilities that other team members don’t have. He has the ability of health regeneration if he hides for a certain number of seconds. And he has the ability to revive dead teammates. However, if he dies, his team loses the game. Thus, team members have to work together to protect the master chief while he’s running around reviving teammates.

Wherever you are in life, you will always find yourself a part of a group or team. Unless you’re a hermit living in the mountain. Be it at the office, in school, a club or in the army. Laser Tag is not only a great team building activity, it’s also lots of fun. Plus, you get to shoot people which would usually otherwise land you in jail. So what are you waiting for? Gather a team of people and join us for a great team bonding time at Adrenaline Laser Tag!

Laser Tag Strategy 101

Laser Tag is a team game. When it comes to winning, how well a team works together and coordinate themselves trumps individual skill. A team full of lone wolves will die as lone wolves. A team full of ‘team players’ will, more of than not, win as a team. You’ll always need that buddy to cover your blind spot or cover you as you dash for cover. So, let me share some advice with you. Most of this advice doesn’t count as strategy or even tactics. They apply more to the individual player but they’re the worth mentioning.

Splitting Your Team

When the game starts, have your team members dash for as many points of cover as possible without unreasonably exposing themselves. You want to maintain a situation where your team members are well spread out. This will allow your team to cover a much wider area from many different angles. Many times, players will all huddle behind one or two obstacles. When an opposing player comes, he can quickly spray shots which ‘injure’ multiple players. Hence, you want to spread out.

Make Use of Cover

This one seems pretty obvious, but I’ve lost count of the number of times players have stood wide in the open firing when there’s cover nearby. Naturally, they’re the ones who die pretty fast and contribute to the bulk of team deaths. Hits can be detected beyond just the gun or the head sensor. There’s an area of effect which covers quite a good portion of the upper body. Always try and minimize your body profile by flushing your body to the wall or obstacle. You might even want to high kneel. Expose only enough so you can shoot. If you must change your location, move quickly from cover to cover and keep a small body profile by crouching over.

Stagger Reloading

If you and your buddy find yourself covering an important angle, say a corridor for example, don’t reload at the same time. Reloading takes time and depending on the gun type, can take anywhere from 3 – 5 seconds. If you both reload at the same time and a player from the opposing team suddenly pops out, you would have missed an opportunity to ‘injure’ or even eliminate him. Worse still, your sensors still detect hits when your gun is reloading so you could potentially be taken out while reloading. Instead, when you’re both short of ammo in your magazine, have your buddy keep guard while you reload. Being able to fire a few shots is better than two of you being sitting ducks for a few seconds.

Master Chief Mode

One of the modes in our laser tag games is the Master Chief Mode. In it, one of the players is dubbed the ‘Master Chief’. He has the ability to heal his teammates. The game is such that when a player dies, he must stay at the spot where he died until healed or revived by his or her respective Master Chief. Many times, players will dash deep into enemy territory to try and kill an enemy player.

However, if they die there, the opposing team can guard him making it almost impossible for the Master Chief to revive him. This will mean that his team will have one less player. Your team should try and replicate this by luring enemy players out or just being the more patient of the two teams. Sometimes as the game drags, people become more reckless and start charging forward. Use this to your advantage and build up your number of ‘prisoners’ or disabled enemy players until you win. So always be a reasonable distance from your Chief so you can be revived.

You’re Never Too Old For Laser Tag!

I’m sure many of you recall your parents telling you you’re too young to do this or that. They say ‘You’re too young to be dating!’ or ‘You’re too young to be drinking!’ or ‘You’re too young to be wearing diapers!’. Wait, forget the last example. I think my parents said I was too old to be wearing diapers.. Anyway. A better example is ‘You’re too young to shoot a gun!’. And then when you’re finally old, there’s this crazy notion you’re too old to shoot a gun! What a crazy world we live in. Okay, perhaps that wasn’t a fair comparison. I was comparing real guns with laser tag guns.

But let me tell you, laser tag is just as much (if not more) fun if you’re ‘old’ than if you’re young. Think you’re too old for what seems like a game for youngsters? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. When you give ‘old people’ (uncles and aunties in their 40s and 50s) guns, they don’t behave like uncles and aunties. Yes, they behave like kids. In a good kind of way. (Sometimes not so good when they break the rules but a little shouting always works) I’ve seen uncles and aunties charge across the game arena always trying to shoot a particular player for some reason. Or they try and cover their sensors (Which is against the rules) so they can’t get shot. But they always work up a good sweat and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

If I’ve managed to convince you’re not too old at heart for laser tag but feel your body or brain might be, fret not. The guns are easy and friendly to use. Firstly, our guns are light. Actually, light is an understatement. They’re very light. They weigh in at only (1.2) KG. We’ve had children as young as five run around shooting the guns without a hitch. They can even pose while holding two guns in the air. Secondly, there are basically only two buttons you need to know when it comes to operating the gun. The trigger (fire) button and the reload button. THAT’S IT.

So if you’ve been doing all kinds of strenuous exercises lately but don’t seem to look or feel any younger, play laser tag. You’ll be too busy having fun and being a kid again you won’t realise you’re exercising! Or you could just grab an electric scooter from electric scooter singapore and zoom around guns blazing.

The Origin and History of Laser Tag!

You know I’ve always wondered how things began. Everything that you see here today had a beginning sometime, somewhere. Every super hero has an origin story. Batman became batman because his parents got shot. Superman became superman because, well, he’s an alien and he crash landed on Earth because his home planet got destroyed. Spiderman became Spiderman because he got bitten by some radioactive spider. Aquaman became Aquaman because… well who cares about Aquaman.

Anyway, I’m sure you get the point. So what about laser tag? Who on earth came up with the idea of shooting infrared beams at each other? Most of you probably think it was the military that came up with it first. And yes that’s what I thought too! But apparently the real founders of laser tag were actually… drumroll please… farmers! Yes, you heard me, farmers. You see, livestock farmers have this infrared and barcode system to keep track of their animals, you know cows and such. To do this they had pretty long range laser tag scanners. After a while though, the farmers got bored and started aiming and shooting the long range scanners at other farmers across fields. This tagging soon evolved into a makeshift game that the farmers played regularly to diffuse boredom. I mean how fun can it be to stand around all day looking at cows.

As time went on, the game’s popularity grew, especially among the farmers and soon it reached the ears of the military who saw it as a good idea for combat simulation and training. By this time there were already a few outdoor laser tag arenas that featured simplistic guns that a normal non farmer person could join and play. As word about the game spread even more, the gun designs got more and more sophisticated and interesting.

More laser tag centres opened and by now the military had fully integrated the laser tag system as a viable combat simulation training exercise for various infantry groups. It was only a matter of time before access to the game and guns reached the mainstream consumer! And this happened with the “Laser Challenge” game system. A dual gun set that allowed children to play laser tag right in their own homes and backyards. Sales of this system skyrocketed as the market received it with great enthusiasm. After that, more and more retail laser tag systems were released and by now laser tag gaming was pretty much established as an industry on its own with an international base. Laser tag centres were opened all over the World and on site laser tag services soon begun. More and more interesting scenarios were devised and the technology kept getting better and better till the systems you see today.

The rest as they say is history.

It’s an interesting account don’t you think? Well… more interesting than stupid aquaman’s origin story anyway…

Top Ten Reasons to Play Laser Tag!

Some of you may be wondering why play laser tag at all. What’s the point? There are so many other forms of entertainment out there why laser tag? Fair question, and to answer that I’ve come up with the top ten reasons why you should play laser tag. Read on to find out!


Number 1 – Laser Tag is a new and novel experience

Many people have not tried their hand at laser tag. It’s a crying shame really. They don’t know what they’re missing out. In Singapore, there’s really only so much you can do before getting bored. Laser Tag is one of those experiences that promise freshness and novelty due to its niche nature. If you have not played laser tag before, try it out! I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Number 2 – Laser Tag is extremely fun and immersive

Laser tag is a very fun and intense game. People playing tend to meld with the game and become fully immersed in it. The game is exciting, thrilling and there will often be moments of adrenaline pumping close shaves or hilarious battle offs.


Number 3 – Laser Tag gives you the chance to shoot things without going to jail

Let’s face it, some of us just want to hold a gun and shoot things. But you know there being legal implications, using a real gun would be impossible. And that’s where laser tag comes in handy! Laser tag lets you have the experience of shooting things without the legal or moral ramifications! Sure, it’s not as hard core as a real gun but c’mon you’d still get to shoot stuff and you won’t be going to jail after. Better deal I say.


Number 4 – Laser Tag is safe and mess free

For the more delicate among us worried about safety, mess or pain, laser tag is an excellent choice. There are no painful projectiles to worry about. There’s no need for any safety vests or masks of any kind. There’s no mess to clean up after. And for those of you wondering about the laser fret not, laser tag uses infra-red technology which is weaker than your TV remote control and sunlight.


Number 5 – Laser Tag fosters bonds, shared experiences and creates unforgettable memories

It is only in the intensity and grittiness of combat can the strongest of bonds be forged. That’s why soldiers in the field often have the closest bonds and many cherished memories. With laser tag you can get to experience some of this precious combat camaraderie without all the actual pain and mess.


Number 6 – Laser Tag is great exercise

Laser Tag is not an activity for the lazy. You will need to move around, run, jump, hide and dodge. This results in a great workout! But it’s a workout you don’t even notice because you’re having so much fun! That’s the best way to exercise.


Number 7 – Laser Tag trains your mind

Other than great exercise, laser tag also trains your mind by providing opportunities to think and plan strategies in order to outwit your opponents. Laser Tag sessions often have specific objectives like capturing the flag, base infiltration or bomb planting and fulfilling these require well thought through tactics and strategies.


Number 8 – Laser Tag hones leadership abilities

Laser Tag sessions often involve leading a team and working in groups to accomplish objectives. This requires strong leadership and direction giving. Playing laser tag lets you hone your leadership abilities by giving you real life combat situations.


Number 9 – Laser Tag fosters team building and improves communication skills

This is great for organisations looking to build better camaraderie between or within departments. Laser tag is an extremely effective way of getting people to work together, often demolishing social barriers through fun and friendly combat.


Number 10 – Laser Tag makes you look twice as badass and three times as awesome

Awesome people play laser tag. Case in point, Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”, he’s the most awesome character in the show and he loves laser tag. Imagine yourself standing on a field. Boring? Now imagine yourself standing on the same field, this time with a huge laser tag gun in your hands. What’s the difference? Awesomeness.

Welcome to Adrenaline Laser Tag!

Well, it’s been a fairly interesting past few months setting up Adrenaline. The guns are in. Most of the site is up and we’ve already had our first few events. We’ve learnt a lot during this time and although it wasn’t a smooth journey altogether, I can safely say we’ve come through a lot wiser.

Some people have asked us why laser tag? Well, we believe in pursuing our passions and we’re very passionate about conducting events that give people a good time. Laser tag is simply an avenue of that expression. There’s just something about shooting infra-red rays at each other that touches a primal nerve in there somewhere. It is a rare and beautiful thing when one merges that which gives him fulfillment to that which puts food on his plate.

Which brings me to the biggest thing I’ve learnt in this experience: enjoy the ride and don’t take yourself too seriously. When it comes to creating the new, first instincts often force us to hold back and fear drives us to over think and plan to the point of inaction. What we’ve realised is this; there is no such thing as the right time or perfect readiness. It is important to take that first step and just do. It is only by real doing can the lessons be learnt and the dream made manifest. So although this whole thing is a jump into the unknown, it is a jump we gladly took.

Ok enough with the emo cheesy motivational sounding quips. It’s time to start talking about the real stuff! What real stuff? Actually I have no idea. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read a blog update section till the end. Well in case you’re reading this, congratulations and thanks for reading!

Ok seriously, what do I say now?

Ah I know. We could talk about how we got the idea for Adrenaline! Ok the story goes like this. There was once upon a time a dude called Bartholomew the Third. Don’t ask me why his name was so long. It’s his name, show some respect. Anyway, Bartholomew the Third wanted to start a laser tag company and was thinking of what to call it. He then sat at his computer and Googled “awesome name for a laser tag company”. The results were, unfortunately, rather bland so he decided to try something else. He decided to try to use his brain instead of relying on the Internet. And in exactly 7 minutes and 38 seconds, he thought of Adrenaline. True Story.

The End.