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How Laser Tag Can Help Your Office Bond!

You’re in the office. It’s almost time to go home. The daunting pile of papers that once sat on your desk this morning is almost gone. You finally remember what colour your desk is. With a last push, you finish your work and sit back in your chair. You made it. However, the daily stresses of an office job leave you feeling physically and mentally drained. Hey, spending hours at a desk and getting along with your co-workers isn’t easy. Don’t you sometimes wish you could shoot rubber bands at the back of the head of a certain co-worker without getting into trouble or making them angry? Well, I have good news for you! With laser tag, not only will you not get into trouble for shooting your co-worker, you get to do so with guns. AND THEY LOVE IT! Strange, I know. In fact, you will start to feel strangely bonded with your office mates when you play laser tag. Let me explain.

Playing laser tag well requires teamwork and cooperation. Sure, you require teamwork and cooperation in the office too. But in laser tag, you require team work and cooperation almost every second. It’s not merely discussing things with your co-workers then going back to your cubicle to do your assigned task. Laser tag requires constant communication. For example, in one of our laser tag games, you have to protect a VIP. If he dies, you lose the game. However, the VIP has the ability to heal dead teammates. This requires your team to constantly work together to protect the VIP while making sure he manages to heal people. This of course, is no easy feat and requires constant teamwork and cooperation among team members. Failing to do so could mean the death of your VIP. Bonds will be formed and strengthened as your office works together to achieve a common goal.

Playing laser tag is great exercise. You will sweat, unless you’re playing in an air-conditioned room. People who exercise together feel more bonded to each other. It’s like in the army. Recruits feel a greater sense of camaraderie and brotherhood as they go through physical (and mental) hardship together. Don’t worry, you won’t experience mental hardship playing laser tag (; You will be running a lot though, but the best part is you’ll be too busy having fun and trying to avoid getting shot you won’t notice how much exercise you’re actually doing! At the end of your session with us, your office will be more bonded as they would be too tired to bear any grudges against each other.

So put away that pen or computer keyboard for a day and come play Adrenaline Laser Tag! You know how they say “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This means writing is more powerful in influencing people than violence. However, we at Adrenaline Laser Tag believe “The laser tag gun is mightier than the pen.” because it gets people bonded and connected faster than any pen can write. What was once an annoying co-worker is now your brother in arms. He was your teammate who fought and died valiantly by your side. Besides, when he was on the other team, you shot him thousands of times.

Having worked and exercised together as a team, your office will feel more bonded. You won’t feel the urge to shoot rubber bands (at least for a while) at your office mates. It will leave you feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on another day at the office. So what are you waiting for? Gather your office and trade in your pens for guns for a day of awesome fun with us at Adrenaline Laser Tag!