How To Play Laser Tag Like a Pro!

So you want to play laser tag like a pro. You’ve played a few games and you’re looking for advice on how to up your game. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that!

Shoot Properly

This sounds pretty obvious but it’s worth mentioning. Aim using the ‘iron sight’ on the gun, making sure the gun is properly trained. Shooting in the general direction of your opponent can work for short distances, but over a longer distance, your accuracy will reduce drastically.

Make Use of Cover

Maximising the use of cover around you is essential in reducing your chances of getting shot. Always run from cover to cover and do so as if your life depended on it.

Have a Team Plan

Playing as a team is always more effective than when everyone is doing their own thing. Make sure everyone in your team is clear of what they need to do. Agree on who will cover different sections of the arena. This will ensure that whenever someone dies and respawns, he’ll return to the same section so that place is always covered. Otherwise, people may start clustering at a certain place which is not good. However, be flexible and adaptive to how the situation changes.

Speed and Aggression

What do I mean by speed and aggression? Does it mean charging at your opponent and hitting him very hard and quickly with your riffle? Well most certainly not! Thankfully. (Or perhaps for some of you, sadly) It simply means being quick with all your movements and aggressive (not reckless) when playing.

Since a standard game is 6 minutes long, logically, the team that can discharge the most bullets most accurately will win. Simple isn’t it? How do we do that? By being quick and aggressive without being reckless. Simply put, it’s getting the ‘most bang for your time.’ (No pun intended). So for example, if you see an opponent sticking his head out for even a second, you’re going to shoot and try to hit him. Whenever an opponent breaks from cover, you’re going to shoot and try and reduce his health. Your team isn’t going to sit around passively waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. You’re constantly and actively looking for moments when you can outshoot the other team even if it’s just by a single shot.

Of course, this must be balanced with a level head and not dashing out and shooting recklessly. If you can be speedy and aggressive while shooting properly, maximising cover and having a great team plan, you’d truly be playing laser tag like a pro!