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Laser Tag and Team Building

Team building. I love that term. It’s where a group of people engage in an activity which improves the relations between members and their ability to work together. Team building is important if you want a group of people to be able to work well and effectively together. It creates a situation where people work towards a common goal and learn to give and take. What comes to mind when you think of team building? Carrying logs? Tug of war? Charades? These are great team building activities but they either require participants to be physically fit or involve no physical activity at all. Laser Tag involves mild physical activity and is good for a wide age range from children as young as 4 or 5 to adults in their 60s.

Laser Tag is great exercise without being too physically demanding. This makes it great for team building for a wide age range or even if you’re not in excellent physical shape.  When playing laser tag, you’re constantly communicating with your team; devising plan of attack, indicating where enemies are hiding and so on. This requires cooperation of all members which is what makes a team stronger.

This is especially true in one of our game modes, called the ‘master chief’ mode. In this game mode, one member of each team is the ‘master chief’ or medic. He has two special abilities that other team members don’t have. He has the ability of health regeneration if he hides for a certain number of seconds. And he has the ability to revive dead teammates. However, if he dies, his team loses the game. Thus, team members have to work together to protect the master chief while he’s running around reviving teammates.

Wherever you are in life, you will always find yourself a part of a group or team. Unless you’re a hermit living in the mountain. Be it at the office, in school, a club or in the army. Laser Tag is not only a great team building activity, it’s also lots of fun. Plus, you get to shoot people which would usually otherwise land you in jail. So what are you waiting for? Gather a team of people and join us for a great team bonding time at Adrenaline Laser Tag!