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Laser Tag Strategy 101

Laser Tag is a team game. When it comes to winning, how well a team works together and coordinate themselves trumps individual skill. A team full of lone wolves will die as lone wolves. A team full of ‘team players’ will, more of than not, win as a team. You’ll always need that buddy to cover your blind spot or cover you as you dash for cover. So, let me share some advice with you. Most of this advice doesn’t count as strategy or even tactics. They apply more to the individual player but they’re the worth mentioning.

Splitting Your Team

When the game starts, have your team members dash for as many points of cover as possible without unreasonably exposing themselves. You want to maintain a situation where your team members are well spread out. This will allow your team to cover a much wider area from many different angles. Many times, players will all huddle behind one or two obstacles. When an opposing player comes, he can quickly spray shots which ‘injure’ multiple players. Hence, you want to spread out.

Make Use of Cover

This one seems pretty obvious, but I’ve lost count of the number of times players have stood wide in the open firing when there’s cover nearby. Naturally, they’re the ones who die pretty fast and contribute to the bulk of team deaths. Hits can be detected beyond just the gun or the head sensor. There’s an area of effect which covers quite a good portion of the upper body. Always try and minimize your body profile by flushing your body to the wall or obstacle. You might even want to high kneel. Expose only enough so you can shoot. If you must change your location, move quickly from cover to cover and keep a small body profile by crouching over.

Stagger Reloading

If you and your buddy find yourself covering an important angle, say a corridor for example, don’t reload at the same time. Reloading takes time and depending on the gun type, can take anywhere from 3 – 5 seconds. If you both reload at the same time and a player from the opposing team suddenly pops out, you would have missed an opportunity to ‘injure’ or even eliminate him. Worse still, your sensors still detect hits when your gun is reloading so you could potentially be taken out while reloading. Instead, when you’re both short of ammo in your magazine, have your buddy keep guard while you reload. Being able to fire a few shots is better than two of you being sitting ducks for a few seconds.

Master Chief Mode

One of the modes in our laser tag games is the Master Chief Mode. In it, one of the players is dubbed the ‘Master Chief’. He has the ability to heal his teammates. The game is such that when a player dies, he must stay at the spot where he died until healed or revived by his or her respective Master Chief. Many times, players will dash deep into enemy territory to try and kill an enemy player.

However, if they die there, the opposing team can guard him making it almost impossible for the Master Chief to revive him. This will mean that his team will have one less player. Your team should try and replicate this by luring enemy players out or just being the more patient of the two teams. Sometimes as the game drags, people become more reckless and start charging forward. Use this to your advantage and build up your number of ‘prisoners’ or disabled enemy players until you win. So always be a reasonable distance from your Chief so you can be revived.