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Welcome to Adrenaline Laser Tag!

Well, it’s been a fairly interesting past few months setting up Adrenaline. The guns are in. Most of the site is up and we’ve already had our first few events. We’ve learnt a lot during this time and although it wasn’t a smooth journey altogether, I can safely say we’ve come through a lot wiser.

Some people have asked us why laser tag? Well, we believe in pursuing our passions and we’re very passionate about conducting events that give people a good time. Laser tag is simply an avenue of that expression. There’s just something about shooting infra-red rays at each other that touches a primal nerve in there somewhere. It is a rare and beautiful thing when one merges that which gives him fulfillment to that which puts food on his plate.

Which brings me to the biggest thing I’ve learnt in this experience: enjoy the ride and don’t take yourself too seriously. When it comes to creating the new, first instincts often force us to hold back and fear drives us to over think and plan to the point of inaction. What we’ve realised is this; there is no such thing as the right time or perfect readiness. It is important to take that first step and just do. It is only by real doing can the lessons be learnt and the dream made manifest. So although this whole thing is a jump into the unknown, it is a jump we gladly took.

Ok enough with the emo cheesy motivational sounding quips. It’s time to start talking about the real stuff! What real stuff? Actually I have no idea. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read a blog update section till the end. Well in case you’re reading this, congratulations and thanks for reading!

Ok seriously, what do I say now?

Ah I know. We could talk about how we got the idea for Adrenaline! Ok the story goes like this. There was once upon a time a dude called Bartholomew the Third. Don’t ask me why his name was so long. It’s his name, show some respect. Anyway, Bartholomew the Third wanted to start a laser tag company and was thinking of what to call it. He then sat at his computer and Googled “awesome name for a laser tag company”. The results were, unfortunately, rather bland so he decided to try something else. He decided to try to use his brain instead of relying on the Internet. And in exactly 7 minutes and 38 seconds, he thought of Adrenaline. True Story.

The End.