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You’re Never Too Old For Laser Tag!

I’m sure many of you recall your parents telling you you’re too young to do this or that. They say ‘You’re too young to be dating!’ or ‘You’re too young to be drinking!’ or ‘You’re too young to be wearing diapers!’. Wait, forget the last example. I think my parents said I was too old to be wearing diapers.. Anyway. A better example is ‘You’re too young to shoot a gun!’. And then when you’re finally old, there’s this crazy notion you’re too old to shoot a gun! What a crazy world we live in. Okay, perhaps that wasn’t a fair comparison. I was comparing real guns with laser tag guns.

But let me tell you, laser tag is just as much (if not more) fun if you’re ‘old’ than if you’re young. Think you’re too old for what seems like a game for youngsters? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. When you give ‘old people’ (uncles and aunties in their 40s and 50s) guns, they don’t behave like uncles and aunties. Yes, they behave like kids. In a good kind of way. (Sometimes not so good when they break the rules but a little shouting always works) I’ve seen uncles and aunties charge across the game arena always trying to shoot a particular player for some reason. Or they try and cover their sensors (Which is against the rules) so they can’t get shot. But they always work up a good sweat and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

If I’ve managed to convince you’re not too old at heart for laser tag but feel your body or brain might be, fret not. The guns are easy and friendly to use. Firstly, our guns are light. Actually, light is an understatement. They’re very light. They weigh in at only (1.2) KG. We’ve had children as young as five run around shooting the guns without a hitch. They can even pose while holding two guns in the air. Secondly, there are basically only two buttons you need to know when it comes to operating the gun. The trigger (fire) button and the reload button. THAT’S IT.

So if you’ve been doing all kinds of strenuous exercises lately but don’t seem to look or feel any younger, play laser tag. You’ll be too busy having fun and being a kid again you won’t realise you’re exercising! Or you could just grab an electric scooter from electric scooter singapore and zoom around guns blazing.